New voice of iCelebTV

You know how your nana loved twitching the net curtains & having a good goss about the neighbour? Well I’m a bit like that about the celebs knocking about on our teles, & now I get to give you the very latest celeb chat each & every week on iCelebTV..

Subscribe on YouTube, get us on all your socials, & here’s the first video of many. ENJOY!


No longer just for the nanas, bingo is back.. & you can hear me getting super excited about it on a load of adverts for Mecca Bingo! Featuring on lots of Heart radio stations around the UK now, here’s an example of a recent ad. ENJOY

STAY IN SCHOOL!!!!! She said…

Talking, 100%, to the students!

Coz when you didn’t get the GCSE results you expected.. or you’ve finished school & don’t know what to do next.. or where to live when you get to uni.. the LAST thing you want is some old adult grown up type giving you advice. That’s where I come in – every student’s cool big sister who’s on your level.

60 seconds of me doing all the above here. ENJOY!

Harping back to 2011..

So Facebook does that thing where it shows you a post from this day several years ago doesn’t it? Then asks you if you want to share it with all of your friends? Well, today it showed me a post from 6 years ago, when I played a small part in Absolute Radio winning a silver Sony Award for their station imaging.

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 14.21.23

Paul Sylvester, Absolute Radio’s Content Director, asked me, at the end of 2010, if I’d like to get onboard, along with actor Matt Berry, & voice the station imaging for their newly launched, little sister station, Absolute Radio Noughties. Of course I said yes, & to this day, all these years later, it is still one of the most fun jobs I’ve ever done.. & winning a silver Sony Award?! That just makes me feel like I’m going to fall off my chair with excitement. Glad I got to be a part of it.

Want to hear how it sounded? Click HERE & enjoy!

Latest commercial reel

Loads of fresh audio for you to get your teeth into.. Teeth? Ears?.. Well, you know what I mean!

Here’s my latest commercial reel, & whether it’s young, natural, warm, girl-next-door, credible, upbeat, cool or quirky that you need, & whether you want a light or more defined northern accent, I can do it all for you! ENJOY

Let’s have a brew & a biscuit

2017 has been ace so far! I’m voicing full time, have worked on a few national campaigns already & have fulfilled a lifelong ambition of voicing for kids tele!

However, with over 10 years experience of presenting radio shows on local, regional & national radio stations, I can’t say I’ve not had the odd pang of wanting to make a brew, grab a biscuit & chew the fat with a listener, so this Sunday, April 30th, I’ll be back on air on Viking FM!

I’ll be hosting their afternoon show, & if my radio silence these past few months has left you wondering “What does she sound like again?”, here’s a reminder. ENJOY!



Stuff like this makes me REALLY love my job! This is for the Kiss FM network & my script direction was simply “forceful & confident with shades of bitch” – brilliant! Hear me really going for it about 17 seconds in – ENJOY


Coz I’m just a big kid!

No really, I REALLY am.

I mean, the first time you meet me I’ll try to say the right thing & act like a grown-up.. but in reality, there’s always at least 50% of my brain that’s just sat there, singing the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” theme tune over & over, or wondering whether it’s acceptable to have those smiley face potato waffles for more than one meal in a day.. they do make dinner more fun though don’t they?!

Anyway, I get to be a massive kid here, voicing promos for kids & teen tele, & I absolutely love it! ENJOY