Forget young & northern.. do BIG & SEXY!!!

It’s nice when producers call to book me for a script & they say something like “Well it’s a college script & we want a young northern female so obviously we thought of you!” Occasionally though there’s that phone call & request that really throws me in at the deep end & massively out of my comfort zone. This was one of those. A request from a producer I worked with over ten years ago to do a big, clubby, sexy imaging package for an up & coming DJ’s internet station.

I’m still a bit in shock each time I listen to how big it sounds! ENJOY..

Voice of the Tower FM Awards with Tesco!

Later today the heroes of Bolton and Bury will be crowned at the 2013 Tower FM Awards in association with Tesco. In the audience at this very swanky black tie do will be some of the biggest movers and shakers in local business along with some big local sports personalities! The voice coming out of the speakers welcoming everyone to both the event and on stage will be me! Hear a snippet below:

Absolute Radio Noughties imaging!

The Absolute Radio spin-off, which plays only tunes from the year 2000 to 2010, launched at the end of 2010 and, along with actor Matt Berry, I was the station voice! They’ve recently refreshed the station sound so I thought it might be nice to revisit what were, by far, the most bizarre and fun set of scripts I’ve ever had the pleasure of voicing!

Enjoy.. and apologies in advance if you’re a fan of Keane or the Magic Numbers (around 7 minutes in), they made me say it!!

Stay in your PJs

You know those conversations you have that start with “One day..” well I had one of those about four years ago and it’s stuck in my head ever since. I’d been presenting a show on Rock FM and a producer who’d heard me and liked my voice rang me to ask if I’d ever done any voiceover work. “Yeah bits and pieces” I lied. I’d always thought it’d be fun to do but had never really given it much thought.

The producer, who was still on the phone had, I think, picked up on the fact that I was fibbing and was busy explaining to me what a day in the life of a voiceover artist involved. I’d already started thinking about something else.. probably what I was going to have for tea or how I could politely get off the phone when he said “This one woman, who I use all the time, was still in her PJs when I did a session with her earlier!”

I started listening then. It turned out this voiceover artist had turned that cupboard under her stairs (the one we all have that isn’t really big enough to do anything with) into a tiny voiceover studio. She’d get a phone call asking her if she was free for a script so would pause Jeremy Kyle, or whatever other ace tele is on in the day, wander into the studio, print the script out and hook up with the producer on an ISDN line. Ten minutes later = job done.

By the end of this phone call I knew what I had to do.

It’s taken ’til now to get producers to use me regularly and to actually get quite good at taking direction and fitting into the roles. I’ve saved up and what was my pokey back bedroom (another one of those spaces that isn’t really big enough for much) is now looking more and more like a voice booth everyday. Bring on the days of lounging round at home in my PJs having a chat with/doing some scripts for producers. What a job?!

Big thanks to all my radio and engineering pals that have helped me get the gear, build it, test it, etc.. I’d be sat in the middle of my living room trying to read the manual upside down if wasn’t for you lot!