It’s me talking to.. err.. ME!

This script looked pretty straight forward with two females having a chat. Then I realised I was to play both the roles of FVO1 & FVO2.. & that they were both the same person.. & that one version of me was 3 years younger than the other! Are you still with me?! It might make more sense if you just have a listen. Currently on air on some of Bauer’s Yorkshire stations. ENJOY!

Narrating cartoons!

Hear me accompanying this awesome little cartoon! It’s all about Music Dedication’s plan to hook DJs & musicians up with gigs &, for those of us planning a gig/wedding/party, we can take our pick of the DJs & musicians we find on the site too! Have a watch..

Forget young & northern.. do BIG & SEXY!!!

It’s nice when producers call to book me for a script & they say something like “Well it’s a college script & we want a young northern female so obviously we thought of you!” Occasionally though there’s that phone call & request that really throws me in at the deep end & massively out of my comfort zone. This was one of those. A request from a producer I worked with over ten years ago to do a big, clubby, sexy imaging package for an up & coming DJ’s internet station.

I’m still a bit in shock each time I listen to how big it sounds! ENJOY..