Listening figures on my radio show

After all of my previous off peak shows (weekend shows, overnight shows, evening shows, late shows – you name it, I’ve hosted them all!) plus God only knows how many freelance shifts I’ve covered over the years, it was nice to join the team at Wire FM at the end of 2012 where I continue to host their afternoon show (I get up & go to bed at a normal time now in case you were wondering).

This stability & peak time slot gave me the platform I needed to really build some decent listening figures & show that I could make a difference. They’ve been improving each quarter **quickly touches wood** & I’m so happy to announce that, in the last set of figures, my show (which now boasts more listeners than any other on the station) has had the highest figures it has ever had since the station launched in 1998! I won’t bore you with the figures & percentages but did want to share that exciting little fact with you. Fingers crossed they keep going in the right direction!

It’s me talking to.. err.. ME!

This script looked pretty straight forward with two females having a chat. Then I realised I was to play both the roles of FVO1 & FVO2.. & that they were both the same person.. & that one version of me was 3 years younger than the other! Are you still with me?! It might make more sense if you just have a listen. Currently on air on some of Bauer’s Yorkshire stations. ENJOY!

Narrating cartoons!

Hear me accompanying this awesome little cartoon! It’s all about Music Dedication’s plan to hook DJs & musicians up with gigs &, for those of us planning a gig/wedding/party, we can take our pick of the DJs & musicians we find on the site too! Have a watch..