Getting the balance right in Corporate Narration!

Imagine this: you’ve got a work training day coming up where you’ll sit in a boardroom & watch training videos for hours, & there won’t even be any food. How do you feel? *Bleak? Like you would rather read an instruction manual for a microwave that is no longer in production whilst having your hair done by a snotty 3 year old with sticky fingers?

Hear me lessening the pain with my corporate videos which strike the right balance between clear & informative, & warm & friendly. ENJOY!

*And if you’re a boss who organises these training days, that first paragraph was just a joke
.. Just me trying to fit in with the kids in the office. Definitely didn’t mean any of it. Honest.

Anythin’ from the shop?

You know that voice.. somewhere up there.. *points to the ceiling & squints*.. that reminds you that you need bin bags.. oh, and tinfoil.. well, if you’re in a Spar shop, somewhere in the UK, then that’s me! Hear a few examples of me voicing for them, & listen out next time you pop to the shop! ENJOY

UTV Presenter of the Year 2015!

In December 2015 I won Presenter of the Year at the UTV Awards! I was so gutted that my flight home from holiday was delayed & I missed the do but absolutely delighted that I won! Massive thanks to Trev, Terry, Iain, Scott & Jon, everyone at The Lodge (past & present, you know who you are!), everyone that’s ever given me advice, listened to a demo or given me a shot on their radio station, & my ACE friends & family who’ve put up with me moving all over & working silly hours. This really does mean loads!

Here’s to a crackin’ year of radio in 2016!



New station voice of Cando FM!

You need to check out Barrow’s newest community radio station, Cando FM! A team of dedicated volunteers have got together with some of the staff from Furness College & managed to win an FM community radio station licence. I’m their station voice & you can hear a few examples of how I sound on the station here.. ENJOY!!


One of the top 4 presenters in the North West!!

IMG_4616I’ll warn you, I’m going to be on Cloud 9 for a while after this one! I cannot tell you how flattered I was to find out, just a few weeks ago, that I’d been nominated at the prestigious O2 Media Awards Northwest for Broadcast Presenter of the Year 2015!

It all took place last Thursday night (November 12th) at Chester Race Course with BBC Breakfast’s Louise Minchin hosting. The awards covered all media so there were lots of big names from television, print, online & radio knocking around & the excitement in the air was electric! When it came around to the Broadcast Presenter of the Year category my tummy did a somersault as the famous words “and the nominees are” were spoken before a clip of each entrant’s audio/footage was played out. As the majority of the awards that night had been won by news programmes & journalists the entries had a distinctly hard-hitting & often emotive feel. I was nervous that my light-hearted audio might not “fit” with the mood & path that the evening seemed to be on but was bowled over when the room exploded in hysterics! If I could have paused the evening I would have done because that was my win right there. I had a room of over a hundred hard-to-please media folk laughing their heads off at my entertaining radio show, I couldn’t have asked for more!

IMG_4618Not surprisingly the very talented & experienced Lucy Meacock from ITV’s Granada Reports won the award (Well done Lucy!) but, as she went up on stage, the organiser came over to introduce himself & told me that I had come a close second! What a result?! Together with the rest of the UTV team I floated around on Cloud 9 late into the night. What an evening! Big thanks to Liz, Mark & everyone else who helped organise the night, I won’t forget it in a hurry! Here’s to next year! Oh, & if you want to hear my entry, here it is.. ENJOY!!