So what’ll life in 2039 be like?

Right. Try saying “2039″ out loud, go on.. it feels like forever away doesn’t it? Like super futuristic, but it’s only 20 years from now & life might end up oh-so-different! I had so much fun voicing a load of brilliant animations for BBC Creative Ideas on the subject. We talk about everything from insects for brekkie, superhero skills being the norm & the weird ways online dating might end up working.

Click HERE to see the playlist page with all the videos on. It looks like this..
Screenshot 2019-03-05 at 18.50.51Or click HERE to ponder “What will we eat for breakfast in 2039?” Click HERE for “Virtual sex & avatars – the future of dating”, & click HERE to find out whether or not we will be superhuman by 2039. More on the way soon too! ENJOY..

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