Me sounding just like.. erm, me!

That chat with your mate, or your hairdresser, or that woman at the bus stop who always asks you to “do your voiceover voice then” when it comes up in conversation that you’re a voiceover artist.. which then always results in a disappointed “oh right” as you explain that you’re just you. You don’t put on a voice & you’re just natural & relate to the listener.

Having always avoided becoming “voiceover-y” & maintained that what you hear is what you get, I’m super chuffed that the trend for natural voices seems to be growing stronger & stronger. A top agency recently told me that “9 times out of 10 we’re asked to provide voiceovers who don’t sound like voiceovers!” Once you get your head round it, it makes total sense really, doesn’t it?!

With all that in mind, big love & a huge well done to Rich, Tracy & the gang who’ve just launched Natural Sounding Voices. It does exactly what it says on the tin & you can check out my NATURAL SOUNDING commercial reel here..

My NATURAL SOUNDING corporate reel here..

And my NATURAL SOUNDING narrative reel here..

Don’t forget to nosey at the Natural Sounding Voices website too HERE.. & thanks for getting me involved guys!

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