Latest commercial reel

Loads of fresh audio for you to get your teeth into.. Teeth? Ears?.. Well, you know what I mean!

Here’s my latest commercial reel, & whether it’s young, natural, warm, girl-next-door, credible, upbeat, cool or quirky that you need, & whether you want a light or more defined northern accent, I can do it all for you! ENJOY

Let’s have a brew & a biscuit

2017 has been ace so far! I’m voicing full time, have worked on a few national campaigns already & have fulfilled a lifelong ambition of voicing for kids tele!

However, with over 10 years experience of presenting radio shows on local, regional & national radio stations, I can’t say I’ve not had the odd pang of wanting to make a brew, grab a biscuit & chew the fat with a listener, so this Sunday, April 30th, I’ll be back on air on Viking FM!

I’ll be hosting their afternoon show, & if my radio silence these past few months has left you wondering “What does she sound like again?”, here’s a reminder. ENJOY!



Stuff like this makes me REALLY love my job! This is for the Kiss FM network & my script direction was simply “forceful & confident with shades of bitch” – brilliant! Hear me really going for it about 17 seconds in – ENJOY


Coz I’m just a big kid!

No really, I REALLY am.

I mean, the first time you meet me I’ll try to say the right thing & act like a grown-up.. but in reality, there’s always at least 50% of my brain that’s just sat there, singing the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” theme tune over & over, or wondering whether it’s acceptable to have those smiley face potato waffles for more than one meal in a day.. they do make dinner more fun though don’t they?!

Anyway, I get to be a massive kid here, voicing promos for kids & teen tele, & I absolutely love it! ENJOY

Getting the balance right in Corporate Narration!

Imagine this: you’ve got a work training day coming up where you’ll sit in a boardroom & watch training videos for hours, & there won’t even be any food. How do you feel? *Bleak? Like you would rather read an instruction manual for a microwave that is no longer in production whilst having your hair done by a snotty 3 year old with sticky fingers?

Hear me lessening the pain with my corporate videos which strike the right balance between clear & informative, & warm & friendly. ENJOY!

*And if you’re a boss who organises these training days, that first paragraph was just a joke
.. Just me trying to fit in with the kids in the office. Definitely didn’t mean any of it. Honest.

Anythin’ from the shop?

You know that voice.. somewhere up there.. *points to the ceiling & squints*.. that reminds you that you need bin bags.. oh, and tinfoil.. well, if you’re in a Spar shop, somewhere in the UK, then that’s me! Hear a few examples of me voicing for them, & listen out next time you pop to the shop! ENJOY

UTV Presenter of the Year 2015!

In December 2015 I won Presenter of the Year at the UTV Awards! I was so gutted that my flight home from holiday was delayed & I missed the do but absolutely delighted that I won! Massive thanks to Trev, Terry, Iain, Scott & Jon, everyone at The Lodge (past & present, you know who you are!), everyone that’s ever given me advice, listened to a demo or given me a shot on their radio station, & my ACE friends & family who’ve put up with me moving all over & working silly hours. This really does mean loads!

Here’s to a crackin’ year of radio in 2016!