So what’ll life in 2039 be like?

Right. Try saying “2039″ out loud, go on.. it feels like forever away doesn’t it? Like super futuristic, but it’s only 20 years from now & life might end up oh-so-different! I had so much fun voicing a load of brilliant animations for BBC Creative Ideas on the subject. We talk about everything from insects for brekkie, superhero skills being the norm & the weird ways online dating might end up working.

Click HERE to see the playlist page with all the videos on. It looks like this..
Screenshot 2019-03-05 at 18.50.51Or click HERE to ponder “What will we eat for breakfast in 2039?” Click HERE for “Virtual sex & avatars – the future of dating”, & click HERE to find out whether or not we will be superhuman by 2039. More on the way soon too! ENJOY..

Next stop, Preston.

Over the years I’ve heard so many voiceovers & industry folk say “You know you’ve made it when you’re the voice of the tube” but as a proud northerner who rarely rides the London Underground I’ve always thought being the voice that says “We will shortly be arriving at Blackpool North where this train will terminate” is where it’s at.

With that in mind you can imagine the excited face I pulled when Northern Rail asked me to voice one of their videos! Not quite the voice telling you to keep your big bags out of the aisle but I’ll have it. ENJOY.. & FYI, we will shortly be serving hot drinks & snacks in Coach B.

His name is Rio & he watches from the staaaaaands..

Things are pretty good right now aren’t they?! I mean.. it’s officially summer, it was hotter here than in Miami the other day & the World Cup is in full swing! If you’re into your footy then you might be interested to learn about the history of something that’s always gone hand in hand with football – chanting. I’m voicing a story about it & it’s on the BBC News homepage now (my big red arrow shows you where)..

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 16.57.52.. & you can watch the whole thing while I talk you through it HERE – enjoy! Oh, & FYI, there’s a bit of chat about woodlice so maybe don’t watch it while you’re having your dinner.

Can a leopard change it’s spots?

Orrrrrr….. what about “Does age matter?” These were the kind of discussions that Andy Crane & I used to have every single weeknight whilst preparing for his show “Lovelines” on Century FM – a show, circa 2004/2005, that was part chat & part, you guessed it, love songs. It was my first proper job after university.

Fast forward 13 years & our cross paths again. This time Andy is hosting breakfast on, what used to be Magic on AM, but then became Key 2, or Rock FM 2, or Hallam 2 – wherever in the country you might be listening. Asked to fill in for Sara who chips in on the show whilst providing all the traffic & travel reports for the different areas, I jumped at the chance to catch up with Andy & hang out in a big, buzzing radio station. I love being a voiceover but occasionally it’s nice to work with other real people, & in a studio that’s not in the cupboard under your stairs.

939DD163-BD4A-4490-A979-51BA47507B7E 2

This is the only photo I took.. it was Andy doing his first ever attempt at karaoke. Producer Ian dared him & he nailed it. Kinda. Apologies for the bottle of cleaning spray in the middle of the picture. I’m no David Bailey. Nice to hang out again, Andy.

Me sounding just like.. erm, me!

That chat with your mate, or your hairdresser, or that woman at the bus stop who always asks you to “do your voiceover voice then” when it comes up in conversation that you’re a voiceover artist.. which then always results in a disappointed “oh right” as you explain that you’re just you. You don’t put on a voice & you’re just natural & relate to the listener.

Having always avoided becoming “voiceover-y” & maintained that what you hear is what you get, I’m super chuffed that the trend for natural voices seems to be growing stronger & stronger. A top agency recently told me that “9 times out of 10 we’re asked to provide voiceovers who don’t sound like voiceovers!” Once you get your head round it, it makes total sense really, doesn’t it?!

With all that in mind, big love & a huge well done to Rich, Tracy & the gang who’ve just launched Natural Sounding Voices. It does exactly what it says on the tin & you can check out my NATURAL SOUNDING commercial reel here..

My NATURAL SOUNDING corporate reel here..

And my NATURAL SOUNDING narrative reel here..

Don’t forget to nosey at the Natural Sounding Voices website too HERE.. & thanks for getting me involved guys!

In the words of JT & co…

Friends, producers, creatives – in case you hadn’t heard, I’m off!!!

I’m voicing for the rest of this week & all of next (up to & inc. Friday 26th January), but then I’m taking 6 weeks out to do some travelling.. YAY!! I’ll be back in my booth doing my 20s/30s, northern, natural FVO thing w/c 12th March. I’ll be back into hosting all the showbiz content for iCelebTV too – check it out HERE

Hopefully we can get a session/brew/beer in before next Friday, but if not, bye ’til mid March.. & sorry. Sorry for getting that early noughties pop classic stuck in your head for the rest of the day :/

New voice of iCelebTV

You know how your nana loved twitching the net curtains & having a good goss about the neighbour? Well I’m a bit like that about the celebs knocking about on our teles, & now I get to give you the very latest celeb chat each & every week on iCelebTV..

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No longer just for the nanas, bingo is back.. & you can hear me getting super excited about it on a load of adverts for Mecca Bingo! Featuring on lots of Heart radio stations around the UK now, here’s an example of a recent ad. ENJOY