Can a leopard change it’s spots?

Orrrrrr….. what about “Does age matter?” These were the kind of discussions that Andy Crane & I used to have every single weeknight whilst preparing for his show “Lovelines” on Century FM – a show, circa 2004/2005, that was part chat & part, you guessed it, love songs. It was my first proper job after university.

Fast forward 13 years & our cross paths again. This time Andy is hosting breakfast on, what used to be Magic on AM, but then became Key 2, or Rock FM 2, or Hallam 2 – wherever in the country you might be listening. Asked to fill in for Sara who chips in on the show whilst providing all the traffic & travel reports for the different areas, I jumped at the chance to catch up with Andy & hang out in a big, buzzing radio station. I love being a voiceover but occasionally it’s nice to work with other real people, & in a studio that’s not in the cupboard under your stairs.

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This is the only photo I took.. it was Andy doing his first ever attempt at karaoke. Producer Ian dared him & he nailed it. Kinda. Apologies for the bottle of cleaning spray in the middle of the picture. I’m no David Bailey. Nice to hang out again, Andy.

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