Generally I’m available to voice from home or a studio of your choice weekdays until 5pm.

Here’s my availability for the rest of January & start of February:

Monday 28th - ISDN/mp3 until 5pm
Tuesday 29th - ISDN/mp3 until 5pm
Wednesday 30th - ISDN/mp3 until 5pm
Thursday 31st - ISDN/mp3 from 2.30pm until 5pm
Friday 1st - ISDN/mp3 until 3.30pm

Monday 4th - ISDN/mp3 until midday
Tuesday 5th - ISDN/mp3 until 5pm
Wednesday 6th - ISDN/mp3 until midday
Thursday 7th - ISDN/mp3 until 5pm
Friday 8th - ISDN/mp3 until 3.30pm

Monday 11th - on hols!
Tuesday 12th - on hols!
Wednesday 13th - on hols!
Thursday 14th - on hols!
Friday 15th - on hols!

Monday 18th - ISDN/mp3 until 5pm
Tuesday 19th - ISDN/mp3 until 5pm
Wednesday 20th - ISDN/mp3 until 5pm
Thursday 21st - ISDN/mp3 until 5pm
Friday 22nd - ISDN/mp3 until 3.30pm

For more info about me as a voiceover or to hear my latest voiceover demo click here.

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