Actual me vs Barbara version

Look at this. It’s last month’s Radio Times (If only I’d played it cool when they’d asked me, y’know.. “Erm, let me check my diary” rather than a “YEEAAHHHHH DEFINITELY!”) Read about actual me vs Barbara from The Good Life version of me..

So, yes I love mooching about doing voiceovers in my PJs & yes it’s good having my lunch at whatever time suits me but after 2 years of doing my own thing solidly it turns out I really (like REALLY REALLY) missed having a chat with listeners on the radio.. & it is good to get dressed & leave the house sometimes, right? “But you’ve worked on all the stations you ever wanted to!!” said my slightly irritated other half after the umpteenth time I’d brought up the subject over tea. He was right, well kinda. I’d worked at every commercial station I’d ever wanted to but, for some reason, I’d never considered the BBC.

I’m living in the Lake District right now so started doing a few shows on BBC Radio Cumbria &, wherever I end up living, I’ll always be a Blackpool girl at heart so was super chuffed when BBC Radio Lancashire offered me a show too! It’s funny to think I’ve spent nearly 16 years in the radio industry & yet, for possibly the first time ever, I feel like I’m home. I am in love with the relatable, local content I’m encouraged to present & adore hosting personality led radio programmes.

Anyway, fast forward a few months & I’m in my element hosting the Afternoon Show for BBC Radio Cumbria Monday to Thursdays.. AND I still get my “working from home in my PJs” fix, standing in my tiny voiceover booth in my jimjams most mornings & all day on a Friday!

A bit of audio here from my time so far on BBC Radio Cumbria if you want a flavour. ENJOY!

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