About Me

Hiyaaa! I’m Vicky & I work as a freelance radio presenter and voiceover artist as well as occasional online presenter and industry lecturer.

I love live music – gigs, Leeds fest, Latitude, Glastonbury – I’ve done them all! In the of Spring 2012 fulfilled a lifelong ambition of going to Coachella festival in California. The music and vibe were electric, the setting was dream-like and the celebrities were definitely A list. My favourite story is when Pierce Brosnan, who I hadn’t realised was sat behind me on the grass, accidentally kicked his drink over me! I’d normally go mad if that happened but I am now “the girl that had a drink split on her by James Bond”! You can tell I’ll be showing off about that one for years to come can’t you?!

In between my time spent voicing in my home studio and playing songs and chatting on the radio I like to keep fit, running along the River Irwell near my home in Salford, and taking regular hot yoga classes – it’s like a sauna and a work out! Amazing if you’re bit of a “cold” person like me!

I’m also a keen dancer and enjoy making lots of noise in tap dancing classes! Having been on the dance floor since the age of three, I’m a qualified dance teacher. Whilst at University I took some time out to run the University dance society and was also a backing dancer on the Pop Idol tour. Gareth Gates said I had good hair. Brilliant!

Clothes, particularly vintage/pre-loved/something your nana would wear, have always been a hobby of mine too and recently, a pal of mine who shares this love has helped me take it to the next level by teaching me how to knit my own! So far I only boast a pair of maroon coloured mittens but it’s a start…… and an excuse to have “Kntting Club” round mine once a week. We gossip, drink tea and occasionally knit. 7.30 sharp if you’re interested, please bring cake!